Background Eraser: Background Remover for Cutting Out Images

The Background Eraser app is the greatest background remover for cutting out images with Artificial intelligence technology, removing backgrounds, and creating a high-quality transparent PNG format stamp. Your life will be made easier with Background Eraser. You don’t need any photo editing skills to receive an accurate stamp with one tap.

Creating a stamp and making changes to your photo is now even easier than before. You only need to become comfortable with each feature in the Background Eraser app, and you’ll be able to see astonishing results in a matter of seconds. A result that will make you proud of yourself for creating such a magnificent work of art. And it’s a work of art that you should share with your family and friends on the internet.

If you need assistance creating a high-quality photo, the Background Eraser app is the right choice. And if you want to learn more about the app, check out our article where we go through its primary features and uses.

The following is a list of the main functions of the Background Eraser app:
 Transparent background PNG picture
 YouTube thumbnail
 Sticker for WhatsApp
 Gacha Life
 Meme maker
 JPEG photo with white background
 Change background for ID photo
 Nature photo editor

The following are the app’s primary features:

  • So just keep reading to learn about each tool and how to use it when it’s time to use the app to create those high-quality photographs you want.


  • It detects photographs containing people, animals, plants, anime, and so on.
  • Simply choose the photo, and the powerful AI tool will cut off the object correctly in one click.
  • No need to erase complicate backgrounds awkwardly bit by bit with fingers


  • Quickly outline the object you wish to cut on your photo
  • Easily erase and repair the cutout picture SHAPE MODE
  • Crop photos into squares, rectangles, hearts, circles, and a variety of other forms
  • It’s great for making your stickers or memes.

This is the simplest background eraser tool available, allowing you to erase backgrounds from images and convert them to PNG in a matter of seconds. Its sophisticated AI cutout tool will automatically clip out your image. And it’s completely free.

Do you want to change the background of your photograph? First, use this PNG creator to remove the background from your photos, then modify the background to anything you like.

Using this powerful cutout photo editor, you may perfectly eliminate the backdrop using this PNG maker. It also has a background photo editor and a nature photo editor to help you create artwork quickly and conveniently.


  • Background Eraser requires the “Storage” permission to access photos and data on your device to erase the background from photos and create transparent backgrounds.
  • Background Eraser requires the “Camera” permission to snapshots and delete the background.

The Background Eraser app is a basic background remover and PNG creator that eliminates the background and replaces it with a transparent one.

So, go ahead and download it right now and give it a shot.