Burger Master 8-in-1 Innovative Burger Press

Hamburger has always been a fast food, yet it does not always mean anyone can make this delicacy fast enough. While most of the ingredients including vegetables and buns are pretty quick to prepare, it actually takes time to prepare the beefs (or any meat you want). Let us not forget that you need to cut the beef in the right dimension or shape it to fit inside those two slices of bread. You can get fast hamburgers in restaurants simply because somebody has already prepared everything beforehand. As soon as you place the order, the cook grabs a pound or two of frozen meat and arranges other ingredients in a way you like. But thanks to Burger Master, now you can do just about the same thing, if not better.

Burger Master is not an electric-powered kitchen appliance or some kind of sophisticated futuristic device with the ability to serve burgers in an instant. In fact, it can be one of the simplest yet effective pieces of equipment you’ve come across in the kitchen.

Basic design is a resemblance of ice cube tray. Shape and Store, the company behind Burger Master, develops the idea and implements it into an easy-to-use kitchenware that functions as both beef container and shaping tool. Burger Master is a two-sheet of plastic with 8 separate rooms for ground meat. As you pry them open, you have pieces of meat ready to go. Even when you have fresh ground beef, all you need to do is pour them onto the hexagonal spaces and put the lid on.https://www.youtube.com/embed/ywn49-Dzftw

Each hexagonal space measures at:

  • 25-inch from side to side
  • 75-inch from apex to apex
  • 75-inch deep

In closed position, Burger Master seals the pieces of meat to prevent them from touching each other. When you put them in a freezer, they will not stick to the container as well. Burger Maser is dishwasher safe and it does not contain BPA & Phthalate. It is also possible to use Burger Master to store more ingredients other than meat for examples soup, paste, and chili.

  • Pros: convenience is the key. Burger Master allows you to make 8 burgers at the same time without all the hassles. In case you are planning to throw a barbeque party anytime soon, Burger Master helps you prepare all the beef and chicken in easy hygienic way. Each piece can pop out of the container without problem.
  • Cons: plastic material used in this kitchenware is not the best quality. It is safe from harmful substances including BPA and Phthalate indeed, but it is too pliable to be durable. Also the lid does not cut all the way down to the base of the meat. It is still easy to take each piece out, nonetheless.

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