Digital Dudz Fireplace Christmas Sweater

Nearly all parts of our lives are affected by technologies. For the vast majority of us, engineering marvels and computation are now accessible at relatively affordable price to the point where some modern technologies seem to be disposable. We utilize them for work, so it only makes sense that we also use technologies for holiday fun. One of the best examples is an electronic toy with blinking lights and sounds; some toys even resemble something we call “robots”. We are not talking only about toys here, because a company called “Morphsuits” came up with a unique idea of using a smartphone screen as part of an outfit. It does not mean you wear smartphone-like clothing; instead, your smartphone helps create visual animation as if the graphics come out straight out of the clothes. For the upcoming Christmas, Morphsuits brings us the Digital Dudz Fireplace Ugly Christmas Sweater.

At a glance, Digital Dudz Fireplace looks like any regular sweater with Christmas-inspired graphics. It comes in three different sizes: small, medium large. The official product’s page also offers extra large and double-extra large options. Each is made of 100% acrylic.

  • Pros: unique sweater that appears like digitally-created when used with smartphone. Subtle design and you can use it like any regular sweater.
  • Cons: there is no information whether the pouch is good for smartphone any size. It appears that the screen should be at most 5-inch. However, you can probably change the design of the pouch to fit larger screen if need be.

There is nothing fancy about the sweater, and it does not even have anything that remotely revolves around smartphone. If you take a closer look, however, you can see a small pouch under the chest area. This is not a compartment for snacks or drinks, but it is designed to store your smartphone safely.

This pouch is not meant to protect your smartphone from scratches or occasional bumps. In fact, you must face the smartphone outward and play animation to create the entertaining effects. Morphsuits also create different designs and multiple animations.

Morphsuit provides a free app (available for iOS and Android devices) where you can select the appropriate animation for the sweater. You can pinch-and-zoom the fireplace animation so the smartphone displays it in the right size inside the pouch. All you have to do is choose the animation and insert the smartphone into the sweater. You can also use other animations available from the app.

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