EZ Moves Furniture Moving System

Quality furniture pieces are made of strong durable materials covered with meticulous finishing. Stain or paint is smooth; it’s pleasing to the touch and eyes. Made to last for decades before they even show any sign of deterioration, high-end furniture comes at a quite steep price. During renovation or re-decoration, chances are you need to move furniture to a new spot in the house or get it out of the way for construction work. When repainting a wall for example, a big cabinet or wardrobe is blocking access to the wall so you are forced to remove it until the job is done and paint is dry. Moving furniture, unfortunately, is not an easy job, and this is where EZ Moves II Furniture Slides come in.

The idea of furniture slider is nothing new, but EZ Moves has come up with improvements over previous models in almost all aspects of the design. Furniture sliders are not at all a sophisticated stuff; they are essentially pads to help you reduce friction between furniture legs and floor, so you can move it easily. There are at least two important features of EZ Moves:

  • Dual-Spring Action: there is no spring in the slider, yet the curved-design of the pad allows it to give a little bit of upward pressure, so the pad stays attached to a furniture leg. Downward force from the furniture bends the pad, but it responds to the pressure by applying pressure to the opposite direction.
  • Flexible Pad: the top piece is padding, while the bottom piece is flexible hard plastic. Flexibility is not often associated with strength, but it works on EZ Moves. Tensile plastic is harder to break even when you apply a lot of pressure to it. When furniture is placed on it, the pad’s front and rear ends lift upward for easier transition between different floor levels such as from tile to carpet.

A package of EZ Moves II Furniture Slides contains 4 identical sliders that work for most (if not all) furniture pieces). Despite their simple designs, they effectively save times and efforts when moving furniture, and are used by professionals, too.

  • Pros: very simple and easy to use. Dual-spring design makes the pad more durable because the plastic base has to be made flexible enough to generate upward pressure. The base is also very smooth that it works on all floor surfaces. As long as the floor is clean enough (no large debris), the pad should slide easily.
  • Cons: padding is not strong enough to handle furniture with narrow feet. With less contact area, there will be higher amount of downward pressure to smash the padding. EZ Moves are better when used for wide-feet furniture. Also, it may take two people to tilt furniture and slide the pads under its legs.

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