GB Pockit Stroller: The World’s Smallest Folded Stroller

Although all baby strollers look the same at a glance, each model has distinguishing features after closer inspection. Differences can be in the braking mechanism, number of available compartments, harness system, handle design, sun shield, and more. Stroller is designed for babies indeed, but it is equally important to emphasize on how easy a parent handle it. Good set of features for both the baby and parent is difficult to find in one package, yet GB Pockit Stroller seems to find the right solution for that. It has nearly all features to make the baby comfortable without overwhelming parents in terms of storage, weight, and cleanliness.

Pockit Stroller comes with three important credentials including a Guinness Book of World’s Records certification as the smaller folded stroller, Red Dot 2016 Award for Product Design, and iF Gold 2016 Award for Design Excellence. All those awards praise the way Pockit folds into very small form factor, measuring only at 11.8-inch x 7-inch x 13.8-inch. The award-winning point is not only the overall size when it is folded, but also the way it can fold in only two steps to transform into handbag-shaped item. Let us not forget that Pockit Stroller weighs only 9.5 lbs.

To ensure baby’s safety and comfort in the stroller, Pockit gives an adjustable 5-point harness system. Shoulder and crotch pads as well as the entire seat unit are removable for easier cleaning. Despite its small size, the stroller has a shopping basket with maximum load of 11 pounds underneath the seat. Combined with maximum baby weight capacity of 55 pounds, Pockit can carry a load of 66 pounds safely.

  • Pros: the most compact foldable stroller in the world and award-winning design with easy two steps folding system. Lightweight yet strong enough to carry a maximum load of 66 pounds (55 pounds baby and 11 pounds gear). Its harness system makes sure the baby is safe and comfortable.
  • Cons: Pockit Stroller does not recline, but the harness system provides peace of mind that the baby will not slide or fall over even when he/she is asleep in the stroller.

Front wheels’ swivel in all directions for better maneuverability. There is a locking mechanism, which when engaged, the front wheel will not turn so it moves in straight line. Rear wheels are equipped with foot-operated brake.

Pockit Stroller folds and unfolds within several seconds only, making it practical and space-saving anywhere anytime even during travel. This will fit in plane overhead compartment and help save space in car, bus, or train. The attached canopy can be flipped outward to help you check your babies and provide direct access from the top and behind the stroller. Pockit Stroller comes in six colors including Black, Dark Blue, Red, Pink, Khaki, and Bright Blue.

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