The Magic Tap Automatic Drink Dispenser

The best thing about buying in bulk is that you can save money and help keep minimum amount of waste in your household. For example, buying a large jug of juice/milk/water is always less expensive than purchasing multiple small bottles of them, although you get the exact same volume. Also, you will be less inclined to throw away large container because you can reuse it next time for lemonades or homemade juice. The only problem is that big container often makes it difficult to pour the beverage into glasses, especially for kids. Take a jug of milk for example: the jug contains 3.785 liters of milk. When it is full, a toddler may not have the strength to lift and pour the milk properly into a bowl of cereal. Thanks to the Magic Tap, the problem has been resolved.

Magic Tap fits with most commercially-available beverage containers. Instead of using typical screw down cap design, the Magic Tap features silicone-based wings to give nice tight fit to the jug opening at the top. The wings also work well for bottles of any size.

• Pros: Magic Tap is very easy to use and power-efficient. Powered by 2 AA batteries, it should work for more than 2 months before replacement is necessary. Universal cap makes it versatile indeed.
• Cons: after releasing the trigger, you need to keep the glass directly under the spout to prevent spillage. Also, the pumping mechanism is not detachable and sometimes it makes cleaning difficult.
Magic Tap is essentially a battery-powered straw or pumping mechanism to suck liquid from any container, force it to travel upwards, and bring it out through its spout. As a result, this little piece of kitchen gadget turns any container into an easy-to-use dispenser. There is no need to lift a full bottle of water, juice, or milk anytime you need to have a refreshing drink. Since the wings are compatible with both small and big containers, you can even use this for outdoor activities or during a party where you serve many different flavors of beverage in multiple containers.
You activate the straw by simply pressing your glass to the trigger. This one hand-operation allows children to get their own drinks easily without helps from adults. Just make sure you put the container within children reach. Please remember that the pumping mechanism displaces a small volume of beverage, so you may need to pour a glass of it first before you can insert Magic Tap into the container.

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