QUICKDRAW DIY Self Marking 25″ Foot Tape Measure

The world of craftspeople is filled with the demands for a combination of accuracy and fast job completion. It takes not only an assortment of skills but also the right tools for the job. Carpenters, plumbers, builders, construction workers, and even seasoned DIY enthusiasts still need very good tape measure to make sure they take perfect cut or alignment and get the right shapes. Hand tools have been here since forever, but we rarely see some innovative ideas; if anything, the most common improvements are in the forms of better strength, ergonomic designs, materials, and size.

However, this is not the case with QuickDraw Tape Measure.
Unlike your typical tape measure, the QuickDraw Self Marking tape measure comes equipped with a built-in a user-replaceable graphite marker that eliminates the need for a separate pencil to mark the work surface. This graphite marker makes contact with a small steel wheel directly underneath which you can use to draw a line on wood, concrete, plastic, metal, ceramic, and basically all the most common material. As long as the work material is not in black color, the marker will be visible.

Pros: The biggest selling point of the Self Marking Tape Measure by QuickDraw is the way it incorporates pencil directly into the design. Rather than using a separate pencil, which can be a hassle especially in tight corners, anybody can simply slide the tape measure side-to-side and draw a mark. The fact that it uses a replaceable graphite marker (just like a mechanical pencil) makes the tool more user-friendly too. The refilling system is also easy thanks to the simple locking mechanism on the cartridge. You can even draw a perfect circle directly with the tape measure.

Cons: It seems that QuickDraw Self Marking Tape Measure works best for someone who constantly works on difficult angles in job site. It is a good idea, but in reality a regular pencil or marker draws bolder more visible lines on any surface.

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It also comes with all good things you can expect from a professional tape measure as follows:

  • Casing is made from ABS injection molding material. It keeps the tool lightweight yet strong enough to withstand frequent bumps.
  • Rubber piece is used for the break lock to make sure you can operate it easily.
  • Metal belt clip
  • A TruView indicator right above the tape to help you make precise measurement without unspooling too much of the tape inside. There is no parallax effect.
  • Rivet tape hook for more stable positioning.

QuickDraw Self Marking tape measure is professional-grade tool, yet it is designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind. Everybody can use this and take advantage of all the features with no learning curve.


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