Top 5 Best AirPlay Speakers You Need to Try

It is a doubtless fact that Apple’s company is setting new trends every now and then. They always come up with new inventions which not only ease one’s life but also become a new fashion statement. So here it goes again, to all the people who use iPhone, Mac or other apple’s product, the company brings you a new product which will comfort your life and let you love this brand even more. The very contemporary invention from this brand is its airplay speakers.


There are many significantly stylish purposes of having airplay speakers. IOS users can also have Bluetooth speakers or SONOS speakers but airplay speakers are the most appropriate one for them due to many reasons. Among them some are focused here:

  1. Compared to Bluetooth enabled ones, airplay speakers can more easily sync data to variable audio systems.
  2. It is the best wireless speaker to carry at home.
  3. It allows you to play music wherever you want just by syncing data from your iPhone, i0s or iPhone tablets to your airplay speakers via Wi-Fi.
  4. You can get a wider range of styles and sizes compatible to your taste and home decors.

So it has been concluded to you that airplay speakers are the best option for any apple product users. We have listed out the best 5 airplay speakers from different companies, so you can have a best ever experience of listening to music.

  1. Philips AD7000W/37 Fidelio SoundAvia Wireless Speaker with AirPlay

Philips has designed convenient and reliable airplay speakers called Fidelio Soundvia Wireless Speakers. This is a proficient choice for those who opt for best at low price. The device seemed to be compact and simple at first look but as soon as you sync it with your phone to play some melodious music, it will leave you shocked by its heavy bass and loud volume. This flat ware is always ready to complement any kind of home décor with its dark and deep colored collection. It will cost nothing more than just $86.99. Philips also gives you one-year warranty and 7000 free radio stations too. However, this elementary speaker doesn’t promise you for a wireless portable and visually appealing product. But surely it is a great choice in least price.

  1. Harman Kardon Aura Black Wireless Stereo Speaker System

If you are a brand conscious and you want everything up to the mark, this speaker system is invented especially for you. This product is adorned with a style full and elegant look along with high bass and reliable loud tone. Beyond these physical features it also has omni-directional, room-filling sound. This speaker boasts six 1.5-inch transducers, along with a 4.5-inch subwoofer. This airplay is also compatible with windows and android devices which make it more sympathetic despite of its high rate.

  1. Polk Audio AM6119-A Wireless Woodbourne Speaker

This Polk wireless Woodbourne speaker is a revolution to all those plastic made speakers available in the market for decades. It has wood based construction which differentiates it with other common sound systems. This airplay gives 4 channel amplifiers on consuming only 180-watt energy in just $341.99.  Though it has some drawbacks too which may include;

  1. Batteries needed remote controller.
  2. Spotty connections sometimes.
  3. Inappropriate auto sleep settings.
  4. Airplay termination rather being paused on calls.

    4. Bowers & Wilkins A7 Hi-Fi Wireless Music System with   Airplay

The bowers and Wilkins A7 wireless music system is an advanced system with high compatibility to Wi-Fi and Ethernet as well. It has 5 audiophile Class D amplifiers and a smart 6-inch woofer. It can be enabled with any sound related application on your device. It is $799.9 speaker and similarly gives you expensive and high quality sound all in a single device. It will be supplied to you with a 2-year warranty. Meanwhile some of the users’ complaint for more warranty time and issues regarding its updated version at 2015.

  1. Moshi Spatial Wireless AirPlay Speaker

Here you go with Moshi, the king of all brands work for apple accessories. This time Moshi has come up with a spatial wireless airplay speaker, which you can trust all along without even dragging for pros and cons. The brand new gadget has a super awesome, top drawer and fantabulous voice quality, along with its antique and uncommon speaker body. It is used by musicians most often because of its variable sound settings, enchanting and well balanced melodies. To provide you with some fascinating music it has got top class features like two 1-inch silk dome tweeters, two 2.75-inch mid-range drivers, and one 4-inch downward firing subwoofer. The company gives all in all in just $399.95 which looks cheaper when you look at its quality.