Quell Pain Relief Starter Kit Review

Quell is a wearable pain relief device offered by NeuroMetrix, a healthcare company dedicated to researching chronic pain and nerve diseases for about 20 years. It is the first medical device that’s been cleared by the FDA. With Quell, you don’t need analgesic any more for your back pain, arthritic pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain and more. It is 100% drug free. Simply strap it around your upper calf, then it will provide relief from chronic pain through nerve stimulation. According their clinical study, 81%of Quell users reported improvement in chronic pain and 67% reported a reduction in the use of pain medication.

I am sharing my personal experience because I want you to get the same benefit I got with this extraordinary and spectacular device. I suffered from multiple chronic pain, I was very worried and irritated from my life, but then one of my friend recommend me Quell, you won’t believe it changed my life and now I feel like a 30-year-old man all fit healthy young, I can do my chores now and everything a normal man does. It is very effective in relieving chronic pains, it is like a sport band and it stays at place to relief my pain.

When I first faced few issue and then they guided me how to operate it, the electrode part was to be kept at the site of pain and the straps be pulled very tight to adjust it in the best possible way, if you still face problem in tightening it you can apply some water on the straps it will shrink them and it will fit to your site. I actually had joint pains and the most vulnerable area were my knees and back, they have been killing me so far and I used to feel dead with them.  But when I applied it on my back and knees I started feeling well in one hour and my frustration started vanishing.

The very first day when I started using it, I cried of pain those vibration and heat gave me but eventually it started getting better and better, at the beginning I was not very satisfied because I never read too many reviews of it on Amazon or its home page, so I was in a doubt and confusion, but when I felt that relief in my body I started using it on regular basis with couples of treatments my pain started to relief and I was able to walk properly. It was like a magic for me, my chronic pain once made me belief that I am of no use and can’t run or walk any more but it was like a God’s help to me and I am glad that I bought it.

The diseases from which I suffer are following:

  • Fibromyalgia
  • DDD
  • Spondylolithesis
  • Sciatica dysfunctional sacroiliac.
  • Spinal stenosis.
  • Bone spurs and other chronic arthritis.

But from the last few weeks I have received much relief and peace. But still the areas I don’t get relief are my sciatica. But still I can walk very well now for more than 10minutes now and it is like a magic and pleasure to me. Before using Quell it was impossible for me to even work out for few hours or walk few miles. But I am happy that now situations are different and I can work and run fast now. Now my others pains are relieved to about 60% or more.

Reduction of medicine:

The best thing about this device is that I have reduced the use of medicine much, and now I feel relieved and happy. The medicine only gave me relief for few days and not for long but now Quell gave me relief for very long. My medical results are improved my physicians are shocked and surprised because they never saw such results ever, this was like a miracle for me and it helped me lot. The quality of my life is much improved and my rotini has totally changed.

What does not affect with Quell:

The quell is not useful for me for when I wake up from sleep because it never relieves my stiff back and I feel helpless when I wake up.

Customer services:

Their services are too good and customer friendly. They are very useful because they always answer to all my silly questions. Never hesitate to call them because they always respond in the best way and are very friendly.

How to use it with pacemaker:

It can’t be used with pacemaker because its wave interferes with them and it will be affected and destroyed. My cardiologist has warned me about its side effects and losses. So it is recommended not to use with the pacemaker or any other electrode containing device in the body. The customer service also provides information about it.

The only complaint:

It is about the electrode strip. It can get damaged if you touch it on the top.

How to order a Quell Pain Relief Starter Kit:

Just go to the website www.Getquell.com, then follow the instructions to order and try it for 60 days risk free. You can also buy it from Amazon.com and enjoy the money back if it does not work for you.